How Beautiful Love one another & worship the Lord Twila Paris.

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How beautiful

The warrior is a child

God is in control

He is exalted

Lamb of god

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How beautiful

The warrior is a child

God is in control

He is exalted

Lamb of god

Singers and songwriters inspire people around the world with more than their musical talent. Beyond that, their inspiration stretches to inspiring fans with their lifestyle, deeds, dedication, and faith, whether it be in religion or commitment to an organization. Twila Paris is an inspirational artist for many Christians around the globe.

Twila Paris is a Christian music singer, songwriter, author, and pianist born on December 28, 1959. The success of her career has been displayed three years in a row, as she was named the Gospel Music Association Female Vocalist. Since 1980, she has released 22 albums and owned 33 number one hits on Christian Radio.

Quite a busy woman, hasn’t she been? We look up to her faith-filled songs of dedication toward the worship of God and continue to enjoy the music she has brought the world of the entertainment industry. Within her many well-known albums, her most famous songs have found themselves in Gospel Hymnals, on radio stations, and across the internet.

The Warrior Is A Child

Twila Paris the warrior is a child

With many years in the music industry, some of Twila’s earliest music, such as “The Warrior is A Child,” “He Is Exalted,” and “Lamb Of God” is well versed by many fans. The initiation of her career began as a young child at the take-off of her first album, Little Twila Paris, in 1965. The collection showcases the songs she has sung to her family and friends, and the album was her initial way of take-off in the industry.

Fans find Twila display her zealous advocation for Christianity in all of her albums. Each album additionally shows other themes as well. There is an album specific for each person’s “style” of music. For example, her first album gives the feel of a child who sings whatever comes to her young mind and the comforts of sharing with those close to her.

More recently, Twila has released an album patriotic-themed for those who like hearing songs in dedication to our great country, such as “God Of Our Fathers” and “America The Beautiful,” which offer words of hope. These scenic tunes give off massive amounts of imagery, allowing listeners to feel the calm terms of Twila. The name of this album, God Shed His Grace–Songs Of Truth And Freedom, offers hope to people for the better days God will bring, and the pronunciation echos the sounds of genuine feelings of protection and love, even during difficult times.

He Is Exalted

love, even during difficult times.

Not necessarily your “feel” of music at the moment? Great.

Another well-known album of Twila’s that shows a different side of her is The Songs For The Seasons Of Life. Contained in the album are songs like “Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing,” one majorly known song by many, voicing prayers for God to tune each heart to his words and blessings, “Faithful Men,” “Fountains Of Grace,” which acknowledges a season in life of plenty and answered prayer, or “My Lips Will Praise You.” The album is unique in that it portrays different moments in life–Moments of trial, humility, thanksgiving, and pure praise to God, which welcome listeners of all types to enjoy the variety of tunes given.

There is so much more Twila has given to us as an artist, talent that you and I so much admire. A personal favorite album of hers, Lullabies and Peaceful Worship is my favorite buy of all time! Tuck yourself in bed and fall asleep to the rhythms of a peaceful melody.

Lamb Of God

Twila Paris -The Lamb Of God

In the words of Twila herself, “I want to encourage people to be faithful in what God has given them to do, however insignificant it may seem, because they have no idea how huge it could be in God’s overall plan.” Along the way since the very start of her career, she has written numerous books, recorded children’s music, won well-earned awards, and created worship songs that will continue to be sung for the years to come.

The production of her products gives buyers and fans glimpses of the many sides of Twila and the inspirations she has had to become the woman she has. Twila Paris–A dedicated Christian and passionate soul who continues to shine her light in the world of music.

A well-known and passionate woman who has been the author of so many people’s “best buys?” Yes. This is Twila Paris.

Beyond A Dream

Album Seasons Of Life

Twila Paris Seasons Of Life


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