Piano Lessons Online

Many children learn piano when they are young. Is there an

age limit on piano classes? Learning an instrument can be very enriching and

good for exercising our brains and creativity. Do you know how to play the

piano? Do you need to learn more than just the basics? In this modern-day and

age, everything can be found on the internet. Can you learn the piano online?

Let’s see some of the benefits of taking online classes for piano.

Many Learning Styles

What type of learner are you? Do you learn from reading or

repetition? Can you process things by hearing them or doing them? Well, online

piano classes can support whatever learning style works best for you. Over

thousands of resources are available online like e-books (The Piano Encyclopedia),

articles (WikiHow), forums

(Piano World), and tutorials (Recursive Arts). With this

plethora of styles, you can find what works best for you, even if all you have

is a virtual piano.


As opposed to the piano teacher scheduling time with you at

a piano, online classes have your schedule in mind. Now, you can practice your

piano when you want too. If you can’t sleep, then learn a slow melody that will

make you sleepy. If you are on lunch break, then watch a tutorial online. The

options are endless and the timestamps are there for your planning. Piano

lessons are easier with less planning stress.

Find your best tutor

Since there are many different expert piano teachers online,

you can find the best one for you. No more stress when things aren’t working

and you have to fire them. Find someone who motivates you to learn and

accomplish your goals. Platforms like Classgap have plenty

of tutors available to help you learn the piano. It may be harder to schedule

time in your schedule, but it is available for those that need human


Updated constantly

Teachers, just like in school, work from old textbooks and

old methodology that you might find boring or outdated. It might be more

motivating to learn the songs of today rather than the same songs your

grandparents learned. Online piano classes update their material a lot more

often than the published piano books that teachers use. OnlinePianist has thousands of your

favorite songs on an app that can be downloaded and played along with.

Faster Variety

When you know exactly what you would like to learn, you look

it up and order the physical copy. The days of going to the library for things

are over. Online sources bring all the materials, songs, and methods to your

house in minutes via your computer. Pianote

has a whole series of video tutorials to play along with.

Machines have perfect patience

Nothing is more embarrassing than your teacher repeating the

same bar over and over again until you get it. With online software, all you

have to do is hit rewind. If you forget something down the line, you can easily

go back and refresh yourself.


Classes are offered online all over the world. If you learn

better in your native language, then online classes may be for you. If you want

to learn music in your second language, then online classes may be for you. The

musical sounds and notes are an international language. The names of the parts

of the instrument and the terminology are not. This could work in your favor.

Ingulf yourself in the musical world in a language that sinks in best for you.

Choose your experience level

If you have some background in music, with piano lessons

online you choose to start with the intermediate lessons. If not, you can start

from the beginning. Say you want to see what advanced lessons look like, you

can jump there for a bit to see what you’re working towards. You decide.

Take what you need

If you are working on a project, you can reference the

lessons that cover that area. Your pace and material are at your command.

Online lessons are categorized and easy to find for your convenience.

Free teachers

There are many classes that you can find online for free. No

piano teacher would come to your house and teach you hours of piano lessons and

music theory for free unless they are in your family. There is a great video on

Youtube where Marks from PGN

Piano teaches a course for more than seven hours. He begins with the basics

and shows you everything that goes into making music on a piano. It is worth

looking at. If you can’t sit for seven hours straight, then that brings me to

my next point.

Tell them to hold on

If you are in the middle of a piano lesson and you get

hungry or your delivery arrives, you can just press pause on your online piano

lesson and handle your business. Distractions are no big deal when your teacher

is digitized and there when you need them.

Show them your stuff

There are even some classes where you can get feedback from

professionals online. With a high-quality camera, you could get instant praise

and criticism from the teacher of your choice. This is harder to pause and

such, but it is still an option given through piano lessons online.

As you can see, there are no limits to what you can expose

yourself too. You don’t need to do every lesson mentioned here. Just pick what

motivates you to continue to do your best. All of these materials are clearly

labeled and downloadable for home access. Take what you need and leave the

rest. Unless you are a prodigy, I don’t expect you to master the piano in a few

sittings. Find music that will impress your family. Make music of your own to

express yourself. The uses are endless. You may even be able to teach lessons

someday, if even to your children. Start small and complete them one by one.

It’s your time. Use it the way you see fit. If this can motivate you to beat

your fears and learn the piano, then it is music to my ears. Learn to play the

piano today. Learn to play the piano your way.